Thomas Wulfe

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Born in Gosport, UK, but raised in South Wales. early interest in electronic pop such as Madonna and the Petshop Boys and then house music in the late 80’s which developed into a fascination with more esoteric electronica such as Aphex Twin and Orbital in the early 90’s. First awakening to happy hardcore and then later to mid 90’s house music started an interest in djing.

In the late 90s a realisation that music production would allow even more creativity and control over a developing interest in the sounds of late 90s and early 2000’s techno led to exchanging the vinyl and decks for computers, synths and sequencers etc.

Even though bitten by the production bug the love of djing never died and so continuation of making mixes digitally via participtation in the forum community dj contests and a desire to entertain myself as much as others has ensued in continuation of DJing.